TODAY’S EXCHANGE RATE –22 January 2018

Money Exchange Brisbane

Value Currency Exchange service aims to create a stress-free foreign currency service for all of Brisbane’s foreign currency exchange needs. Our location is not only convenient but also it’s a central and safe area to service all of our clients. Our excellent staff offers exchange rates that are better than local banks and much better than the airport exchange’s rates. Don’t wait in line at the airport or deal with banking hours then just to receive higher rates. Best currency exchange Brisbane, the foreign currency exchange services, money exchange, travel money.

Best Currency exchange Brisbane Rates

Get the best value for money when you travel to Australia. Make sure you change your money with Value Currency Exchange Brisbane. There is absolutely no fee of any kind when you change money with us, just the best rates in Brisbane.

Best Rates

Moreover, our best rate guarantee ensures you receive a competitive rate for your exchange services. Value will match or beat any local bank or airport for the same service on the same time of the exchange. Value strives is your go to currency exchange provider and one that you can confidently recommend to the others.




Money Exchange Brisbane

Best Currency Exchange Brisbane- VALUE CURRENCY EXCHANGE

Country Currency We Buy We Sell
Euro EUR 0.6675 0.6410
Best Currency Exchange Brisbane USD 0.8116 0.7876
GBP 0.5887 0.5658
FL4 Value JPY 90.107 86.814
China Flag CNY 5.3088
Iceland Flag ISK 84.692
CAD 1.0154 0.9791
SGD 1.0754 1.0374
HKD 6.3491 6.1536